Measuring Demos

Important points to remember

  • Do not wear shoes when being measured
  • Wear something comfortable and warm such as track pants and a sweatshirt (don’t wear jeans) IF you will be diving in very cold water you will want to measure yourself over the undergarment you intend to wear
  • Make sure you continue to stand straight up and down and look straight ahead when being measured. Looking down at what is happening will make your measurements shorter.
  • Double check your measurements. Take all the measurements once and then redo them all to make sure they are the same, if not take them again until you get the same measurement every time.
  • Do not make any extra allowance other than what is stated in the video. We will add extra room when we make the suits.
  • Do not measure your self have someone else measure you.

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Oceandry Drysuit Demo

Tuffies Wader Demo

Otter Drysuit Demo