About Us

Company Information

Ocean Drysuits is a New Zealand company dedicated to providing top quality commercial grade neoprene Drysuits and Waders. We are a NZ family owned and operated company and have been since 1993.

Our manufacturing headquarters are based in Wellsford, halfway between Auckland and Whangerei.

Specialist Manufacturing

We specialise in manufacturing Scuba Diving Drysuits and Commercial grade Waders.

Manufacturing Since 1993

We have been manufacturing Neoprene Drysuits and Waders in New Zealand since 1993

Lifetime Guarantee

We offer a Lifetime guarantee on our workmanship even covering commercial use

Proud Suppliers

We are proud suppliers to most commercial and professional companies in New Zealand and overseas

After Sales Service

We offer local after sales service with a quick turnaround for repairs.

Service Agents

We are the NZ sales and service agents for VIKING Drysuits from Sweden, WEEZLE undergarments and OTTER Drysuits both from the UK.

Our History


Oceandry originally began as Dolphin Products in 1993, it started in the garage of Mike and Rona Glover who moved here from the UK and were both very keen divers. The first suits made were the Scorpio made from 8mm neoprene, Pisces in 5 & 8mm neoprene and the Bravo in 6mm neoprene. The boots attached to the suits were also hand made in the factory.


Nigel and Gloria Hayman purchased the business in 1998 and shortly after they took on son Paul and his friend Glen who both also later became partners in the business. These years saw the change from Dolphin Products to Ocean Drysuits. New suits were designed to keep with the times, the Aries 5mm neoprene and similar designed Xeric in 3.5mm, a considerable difference from the 8mm suits in the beginning. The Bravo became available in 4.5mm neoprene and also a ladies style was introduced. Tuffies waders also came about to enter the commercial oyster farming market.

New suits that came to fruition were the tough Kevlar paneled Impreza drysuit and the front entry Freedom named after the extra movement you get from having no zip across your back. All suits are now down to 3 and 4mm, plush lined neoprene with plush lined inner material and a tough nylon abrasion resistant outer lining. The 4mm neoprene also has a layer of titanium through it for an extra 30% warmth.


The business has remained in the Hayman family hands with Paul taking over the business at the end of 2013.  Paul is a keen diver when he can find the time while balancing life with his 2 children.


21 years later the drysuits have come a long way but one thing that hasn’t changed is the dedication to provide top quality commercial grade neoprene Drysuits and Waders backed by excellent customer and after sales service and a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship, plus we are proudly made in NZ.

Pictured are some of the early models of Dolphin & Ocean Drysuits made.

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