Viking HD Rubber Drysuit

Viking HD Rubber Drysuit


The Viking HD is considered to be the industry standard for commercial diving worldwide. The suit material is as it suggests, heavy duty, built to withstand the rigours of diving in a harsh working environment. Whether the job is cleaning a ships hull, carrying out welding and inspection, or clearing a fouled propeller, the Viking HD is equal to these tasks and more.

Viking rubber dry suits have been developed over a number of years to fulfil the needs and requirements of divers working in the harshest commercial environments around the globe. These areas include Fire, Rescue and Public Safety diving, Military divers and Law Enforcement agencies as well as Sport and Technical divers.

Each and every Viking rubber dry suit is therefore designed to provide complete protection – along with both comfort and hassle free maintenance. All crucial and important factors in allowing the diver to focus entirely on the task at hand.

Rubber suits are easy to clean and repair minimising down time. All Viking rubber suits feature inside taped and stitched seams for additional security in addition to the outside vulcanised seams.

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Heavy duty material to withstand the harshest environments
Internal stitched and taped seams
External vulcanised seams for security
Easy to clean when diving in contaminated water
Easy to repair, minimising downtime


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