Tuffies Neoprene Armaguards

Tuffies Neoprene Armaguards

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Our Tuffies armaguards are perfect for many uses.  Primarily sold to oyster farmers to protect their forearms from the ropes and sharp shells with the extra bonus of providing warmth on the colder days.  Our armaguards are available in short and long  lengths with two choices of materials, 4.5mm neoprene with standard nylon inner and outer linings, our standard armaguards have been found to be very useful for dairy farmers in the milking sheds where chemicals have an affect on the skin or to protect from the hooves of a stray kick from a cow.  The second choice of material for more abrasive use such as oyster farming is our deluxe armguard made from the same neoprene as our chest and thigh wader in 3mm thickness.

Other uses for our armaguards would include, fish filleting or pruning sharp plants.

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