Full Face Easy Breathe Mask

Full Face Easy Breathe Mask



Top quality full face mask no matter if you are a beginner or experienced snorkeler, the frame seals behind your vision line which gives you full/clear 180° vision, fully adjustable elasticated nylon straps which are designed not to grab/pull on your hair, the snorkel blocks off when diving under the surface so no need for clearing the snorkel, if any water enters the mask the water easily drains through the purge valve located under the chin. The anti-fog is designed so that every time you take a breath air is distributed across the inside of the lens stopping the mask from fogging. The absence of a mouth piece also makes snorkeling more comfortable. Quality silicone skirt, fully replaceable parts and 2 year warranty.


Dry Top Snorkel

Leak-Proof Seal

Adjustable Straps

Anti-Fog Design

Full Face Coverage & Clear 180° View

Chin Purge Valve

GoPro Mount

$130  Special Price $80 NZD