Viking PU HAZTECH Drysuit

Viking PU HAZTECH Drysuit


The Viking HAZTECH drysuit is a lightweight robust suit for diving in hazardous water conditions, particularly where there may be a danger of heat exhaustion in warm water or hot climatic conditions.


  • EN 14225-2 approval
  • Hazmat (HZ) approval
  • BIO micro-organism approval
  • Tested for flex cracking according to EN ISO 7854 flex test method

Additional information


Lightweight but robust material
High frequency welded seams for maximum strength and safety. Heat applied internal seam tape.
Easy to clean and decontaminate
Ideal for warm water / warm climate diving
Suitable for cold water diving (tested for flex cracking – no cracks detected after > 200 flexes down to -40° C)
Suitable for contaminated water diving operations
Reinforcements – Black welded reinforcements applied to the shoulder area and elbows. Embossed knee pads welded above and below the knees.
Black version can be delivered without external logos and is fitted with a non-magnetic zipper as standard
Fabric: TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) outer layer in red or black, single coated onto a black knitted nylon fabric. Average material weight is approx. 480 ± 40 g/m2


Red with black reinforcements or all black.